We age because our hormones decline and because some organs become less sensitive to hormone stimulation (despite "normal" levels).

Hormones are chemical messengers produced by our bodies and released into the blood stream affecting multiple organs, immune system, metabolism, response to stress, sexual development and overall well being.

Optimal hormone levels occur in our 20's and 30's. After that we experience a subtle decline. When hormone levels are not optimal we lose energy, vitality and health.

BHRT is referred to as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or natural hormones. These hormones have a chemical structure identical to the hormones naturally produced by the body, and behave like them. Synthetic hormones may be foreign to the body and are often treated by the body as toxins.

BHRT, combined with exercise and a healthy diet, is an individualized holistic approach to address hormonal decline to restore energy, vitality, and optimum health.

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The program addresses hormonal optimization for both women and men and includes:

  • 30 minutes Complimentary Consultation to assess the needs and prepare for the consultation
  • One on one physician consultation
  • Comprehensive evaluation of medical history
  • Assessment of the symptoms
  • Focused physical examination
  • Assessment of your hormone levels followed by customized recommendations to optimize the levels
  • Hormone replacement manual with details regarding hormone replacement
  • Visit summary with report of the evaluation, recommendations and detailed instructions of use of the products.
  • Prescription are provided for oral medications, creams, patches and injections. Pellets insertion not performed in this practice.

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